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 kh Kokonainen vesimeloni 3m.r

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 leipää ja hilloa 4m.r

 muoja ja maitoa 4m.r

 patonkia 3m.r

Välipala kori 5m.r

  Rypälemehu 4 m.r

Teekannu 8 m.r

maito 4m.r

Kitsune Udon!!! *drools* oh hell this is so yummy!!!!! i love sucking all of the broth out of the kitsune until the bowl is empty~ kiinalainenruoka 2,50 m.r

TEMPURA KITSUNE UDON!!!!!! THE KING OF ALL THINGS!!! *faints* its the best of all worlds in one lil bowl~~~~  intialainenruoka 2,50m.r

Tanuki Soba!!! *drools* oh hell this is so yummy!!!!! sometimes i get a cold from the little shrimp on the tempura cake, but its so worth it!!!  japanilainenruoka 2,50m.r

khKana 4m.r

hk pienikala 1m.r

kh Iso kala 2,50 m.r

THE BEST ROLL OF ALL TIME~ *DROOLS* oh my GOD! I just shoot straight up to heaven when I eat this roll, especially if its made by my favorite sushi chef at Ginza.  Sushia 7m.r

tandoori chicken is marinated (in a red dye) chicken thats cooked on a tandoori grill. some of the yummiest chicken in the world~! so pretty too... Liha 6m.r

chicken tika masala is a curry made of tomatoes and cream with pieces of tandoori chicken in it ^_^ its always been my favorite indian curry dish, thought it isnt to adventurous to the american tongue  lasangea 5m.r



pirtelöt 3m.r

mm.... soda....  I never got why people liked orange cream anything...

mm.... soda....  I never got why people liked orange cream anything...  

mmmmm........ sparkling lemonaaade~~~ or maybe its a mango lassi @_@ *faints again* 

why did I make a grape colored one? hmm... I dunno... never had grape soda (_  ) 

Drinkit 4m.r

classic acid martini with candied cherry.... hehe XD like id know

this is the classic... mmm....... green olives.......... o_o

again with the purple!! >P what was I thinking? has there ever been a purple martini? with a right red swizzle stick? oh well, I love purple anyhow ^^;

Limut 2m.r

mango lassis are soooooooooooooooooooo good! one of my most favorite drinks ever. 

though I prefer mango lassis, the traditional lassi is enjoyed by many people who like the taste of plain yogurt.

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^_^ bikkle~~~~~~~~~~ o_O anytimes a good time Tazza kaakao 2m.r   

 rose milk~ yucchans favorite   Mansikkamehu 1m.r

Urheilujuoma 4m.r

kokis tölkki 2m.r

Kokis pullo 2m.r












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